kelly (i_like_icecream) wrote in gentleparents,

I need some help.

My son will be 16 months on the 16th of Aug.
He's of course at that age where he is getting into EVERYTHING.

Up until about three weeks ago when he did it, it was cute and funny. We all got used to laughing at him when he got ahold of the tv remote and laughed like crazy about it. I guess it was bad to do.

I'm wondering what the age is that you have to "put your foot down" about wrong and right. I'm worried he's too young and he won't understand and it will make him upset to say "no." Can he understand "no" now?

I have tried saying "no." firmly and raising my voice. He starts to cry everytime. Now he is crying if I take things out of his hand. He pretty much cries everytime he doesn't get his way now. Which pretty much means he is crying all of the time. My house is childproof but with the walking there is always something he shouldn't have that he grabs. I don't know what to do. I don't believe in hitting children at all. My mom said slap his hands but I definetly do not want to do that but it doesn't seem like no is working beucase he just cries at me and goes right back to doing it.

I don't want him crying all of the time either. I feel bad and I"m paranoid he's going to start to be afraid of me or something.

Any help would be highly appreciated. I really have no idea what ot do aobut this.
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