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I just joined this community and wanted to tell you guys about myself.
I am a 23 year Old who's married, and we have a 3 year old daughter.
I'm lucky when it comes to raising Ciara because she wasn't the only child I have raised.I took care of my younger brothers Chad and Justin most of the time.I fed them their bottles, and changed their diapers.. ect. So I am pretty expierienced With my daughter Ciara.No matter how much you have learned there will be one more thing you need to know.Now that she is getting older I realize parentig doesn't get any easier with time. She is a little person now. Her friends come over to play.She can choose what color she wants and What clothes she wants to wear.I see her becoming a teenager already and she's only three .0.o;; Where did my baby go?
I can still remember the day she was born.Sleeping in my arms.Wondering what kind of person this sweet lil baby would grow up to be.I see the first phase of my daughters personality, and I absolutely love her!Here are a few pics of her behind cut^^

She was about 11 mo. old in these pictures

15 mo. old

This was halloween.. about 27 mo.

this was taken on the 4th of July Right before she turned 3. Thats one of her friends Logan :)
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