ima_omi (ima_omi) wrote in gentleparents,

Score one for the low-tech mama!

This afternoon, my son and I had a blast playing on the front porch with a big pot of water, a few cups and a clean kitchen sponge. We were just goofing around trying to stay cool -- splashing each other, squeezing the sponge over each others' heads, pouring water from cup to cup. Later our friends came over for dinner. Mind you, I really like these friends a lot, and their daughter and my son are very close, in their little toddler way. But the friends' house is filled with every conceivable plastic toy, and the pace of life there is much faster & louder than at our house. (The child has a ball pit, for pete's sake.) So after dinner, the kids started playing together on the porch. There were squeals of delight as they splashed each other, made it "rain," and climbed into the pot! As they were leaving, my (adult) friend said, "I never imagined they could have so much fun with a pot of water and some cups."

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